Eleccions 2019
Macri faced a rough Sunday, barely mitigated by the triumph in Jujuy
Cambiemos fell very short in Tucumán, Chubut, and Entre Ríos, and won in Mendoza, but Peronism drew near to Cornejo's candidate.

At the Casa Rosada, as has been happening in the previous provincial elections, they used electoral arithmetic to explain that Cambiemos didn't really lose votes compared to 2015. But creative mathematics hides the political fact in the background: the unity of Peronism and its confluence towards the Fernández-Fernández formula.

The photo from this Thursday is from the Entre Ríos election, where the Peronist Gustavo Bordet even managed to win in Paraná. Cambiemos now has lost another very important urban center, as has happened with the city of Córdoba, and all indications point to the same thing happening with the city of Santa Fe.

Macri's triumph in 2015 was built on three facts that today are in crisis: the division of Peronism thanks to the third list assembled by Sergio Massa -with its epicenter in the province of Buenos Aires-, plus the loose victory at the main urban centers of the country and a severe difference in the province of Córdoba.

The Peronist governors Juan Manzur (Tucumán), Mariano Arcioni (Chubut), and Gustavo Bordet (Entre Ríos) attained reelection this Sunday, and in one way or another initiated a process of confluence towards the formula of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner, which also moves in the same direction as Massa's movement.

In Chubut and Entre Ríos, they beat the Cambiemos candidates by more than 15 points, and in Tucumán, those close to Manzur talked of a hefty difference.

Macri was able to breathe easy in Jujuy, where the radical Gerardo Morales was reelected, and to a lesser extent in Mendoza, where the radical Rodolfo Suárez won in the primaries, though measured directly against Peronism, there was only an eight point difference. 

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