Obama Administration Officials Prepare Defense After Arrest of Mexican Former Security Secretary
They're already meeting with potential defense attorneys after Genaro García Luna was detained on drug trafficking charges. The Petraeus and Panetta cases background and Trump's fight against the "deep State".

The arrest of Genaro Garcia Luna, former Security Secretary during the Felipe Calderón administration (2006-2012), on the outskirts of Dallas is already creating anxiety among certain sectors of the Democratic Party. Specifically, with those linked to the Barack Obama administration. García Luna had a direct line during the Calderón era with important figures such as Leon Panetta and David Petraeus (former heads of the CIA), James Clapper (National Intelligence), and Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security). According to LPO sources on Capitol Hill, this entire group of former officials have started to seek legal advice on what García Luna might reveal during his trial in Brooklyn.

Petraeus has already contacted Sullivan Cromwell, one of the most powerful firms in New York criminal law, while Napolitano is consulting with Cleary Gotliebb. The situation gives an account of the state of affairs within U.S. politics.

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It happens that in Donald Trump's circle, all these officials of the Obama administration are accused of leaks to the media that affect the administration. The so-called "deep State" against which Trump usually takes revenge on his Twitter attacks.

The most recent chapter in this confrontation is the Ukrainian plot, which was triggered from the heart of the intelligence services and has Trump as the protagonist of an impeachment process initiated by the Democrats in Congress.

Much of this was discussed at a meeting revealed by Politico last week in which Pat Cipollone, White House legal counsel, explained to leading Republican senators what the strategy for the president's defense will be. Cipollone is no stranger to Mexican news: it was he who recommended Michael Landau for the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.

This scenario reinforces the thesis that García Luna can be useful to the White House for unloading heavy ammunition against former Obama officials who, by the way, were the ones who elevated the former Mexican Secretary from the US. 

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