With conservative opposition, marijuana legalization advances in Mexican Senate
President AMLO's party managed to pass the Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis. "The PAN votes NO to drugs," said the opposition.

"The time has come to leave behind the stigmatization of cannabis: today, in the Mexican Senate, the parliamentary majority will promote a law that will regulate its use, from a responsible and advanced perspective. It is a transcendental matter for the nation. #ResponsibleRegulation".

With this message Senator Ricardo Monreal anticipated the approval in general -and the articles not reserved- of the ruling that regulates the use of legal cannabis in Mexico. The final result was 82 votes in favor, 18 against and 7 abstentions, thanks to an alliance between Morena --the president's party-- the PT, and the Green Party.

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"Today it is indisputable and unquestionable to provide results to history in an issue that for many years was obviated more by hypocrisy and fear of the electorate than by really wanting to solve the problems that we have in Mexico," explained Senator Ana Lilia Rivera from Morena, when giving the positioning of his party.

"From this government and responsible legislatures like these, without discrimination, for the defense of the rights of all, who live the human rights of the people of Mexico," he said. "What motivates the regulation of cannabis? The answer is very simple: the Political Constitution positions the recognition and guarantee of fundamental rights as the cornerstone of the Rule of Law".

Against the proposal, panist Senator Damián Zepeda argued that his party opposed the opening of the drug market in Mexico. "We are against the liberalization of the sale of drugs, in this case marijuana, in our country. "We don't think it [will bring something positive to the country]; we don't think it's positive that it's within the reach of our youth, adolescents and also children," he said.

"We explain why this drug, which although we respect a person's personal use, does not bring anything good for them to have access to it either," he added. "The first big lie that is said is that today you can not smoke in Mexico and that is false, the law does not penalize today who has marijuana up to 5 grams, they get angry when we say it". 

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