López Obrador now opens up to South America: Fernandez, expects Arce's visit and views Ecuador
See below adjustments made at the regional level and the agenda of the Argentine president in Mexico, while Arauz is followed closely.

Argentine President Alberto Fernández had not planned a trip to Mexico in this first semester. His arrival at the end of the month is a result of an invitation from Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which, according to the South American representative, has to do with the leader of Tabasco's intention of beginning to view Latin America.

Alberto Fernandez is the first in the list. However, López Obrador also expects Luis Arce to travel to Mexico, possibly in April. Then, if the election results are as expected, Andrés Arauz will follow in May with Bolivia and Ecuador on board.

This schedule is due to the fact that López Obrador has been, since he arrived at Palacio Nacional, pragmatic about his relationship with the United States. Such line of conduct detoured only when he received Evo Morales, whom within a few weeks was dispatched to Cuba.

Alberto sees an opportunity to mediate between Biden and Maduro

López Obrador wants to start showing that the region is important to him and chooses representatives who understand and support his line of thought. The president likes the idea that neoliberalism is in a phase of retraction within the continent and wants to promote that idea with figures such as Fernández or Arce, whom he prefers over Nicolás Maduro or Daniel Ortega.

The Mexican president does not want a state visit with his Argentine peer, like the one the latter had weeks ago in Chile, when he traveled with a group of ministers. López Obrador prefers an eminently bilateral meeting with a strong symbolic case.

That is why Fernández will accompany López Obrador to Iguala in the state of Guerrero, to celebrate The Day of the Flag, at a key point in the Mexican independence process. Fernandez will then have two meetings with entrepreneurs, whose agenda of attendees at the moment is kept under secrecy.

Two activities are also planned, one with Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum and another with Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard.

Fernández will arrive in Mexico on February 23rd, with no clear date announced yet to return to Buenos Aires, but everything indicates it might be the 25th of this month for a more manageable agenda.

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